Frosty walk

On the 22nd of December I headed to beautiful Slovakia, to celebrate the holidays with my family. I can not describe how much I enjoyed it there as I haven’t been in Slovakia for about a year.

It is the simple lifestyle in the mountains, without Wifi, chitchatting with my grandmum about anything and everything, singing christmas carols, good food and here and there a strong shot of vodka that makes Christmas at my grandmum's so special.
The following day my mum, the dog and I went for a pre Christmas stroll as the landscapes have transformed into a magical frosty world.

Look at this happy little fella, running around on the fields like crazy and enjoying this crisp cold weather.

Although it was freezing cold we stayed out for so long that we even caught the sunset. This will be a moment in my life that I will never forget, dreaming of a winter wonderland.
Now the holidays are over and tomorrow we will be ringing in a new year. I hope that everyone has spent their holidays with their loved ones and I wish you: all the best for the next year.
Enjoy the little moments, they count far more in life...


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