Hiking in Bella Italia

A couple of days ago I had the chance to visit my longtime friend in northern Italy. After more than 2 years not seeing each other, only texting on a daily basis, we were so happy to finally be together and explore.
And as we are both a great fan of nature and photography of course we had to plan a hiking trip. My friend Elena drove us to a small village up in the mountains called Giazza, winding our way up the serpentines and up up it went.
After an one hour ride through the most beautiful autumnal scenery we arrived at the Lessinia Regional Natural Park.

Especially in autumn there is so much to see around nature, every tree turns into a beautiful rich burgundy amber shade... Straight after our arrival both of us whipped out our cameras immediately and snapped happily away, chit chatting about anything and everything.

Not a single detail missed our eyes, like dew drops on leaves... Or the amazing panorama view on top which we both got very excited after reaching the highest point.

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