Camomile range

Due to the unfortunate fact of having dry skin I am more than happy to have found this perfect skin care from thebodyshop. The camomile range is the ideal moisturizing treatment for your daily facial. I opted for the all well known sumptuous cleansing butter as well for the muslin cloth and the gentle eye makeup remover. The most stunning trio. A tip, don't go overboard with the eye makeup remover as it can burn a bit in your eyes. The cleansing butter on the other hand is an absolut dreamy product and the soft smell as well as the gentle cleanse is the key to a soft impeccable skin.

How I use it: First apply the eye makeup remover on one or more cotton pads, depends on your makeup that day, and simply clean off that warpaint. Afterwards splash some water onto your face and to finish off the treatment I use the sumptuous cleansing butter in combination with the cloth to get rid of the rest of my makeup and to gently exfoliate my skin.
And voilà a hydrated face and a happy skin. 

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